Director’s Post: Exciting News for Rosemont!

Greetings from Seattle, Washington! Today will be close to 60 degrees, far warmer than the “Polar Vortex” temperatures we have been enduring in the Philadelphia area.

I am in Seattle for the annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs’ annual conference. The folks at AWP anticipate more than 11,000 attendees. Last year’s conference, in Boston, surpassed 10,000. What does this mean? It means that books, writing, reading, etc., are not dead! The written word is more alive than ever before. What makes this even more fascinating is that the written word has so many different pathways to make it into the hands of the reader. Today, that written word is known as “content.”

I am excited about AWP because the College has a booth, I am presenting with other program directors on publishing programs, there are engaging panels to attend, and it is always a great opportunity to network. This year we have 10 students joining us!

I am also excited because I am unveiling a new double degree and a completely revised certificate:

  1. MFA in Creative Writing and MA in Publishing
  2. Certificate in Digital Content and eLearning for Publishing

The double degree program will allow creative writers to gain practical skills to enter publishing as a career and it will allow closet writer publishing students to pursue their creative sides. The certificate program is also quite exciting! This certificate is designed for the publishing professionals who are looking to move forward, break out of the print paradigm, and mid- to senior-level acquisitions editors and marketing & sales managers who know the landscape is evolving, but lack the necessary skills. It is also for mid-level professionals who work in complimentary industries, who serve publishers, or who are looking to make a move into digital publishing. I have also added one additional class: Digital Publishing for Authors & Entrepreneurs. This class is specifically designed for those individuals who want to self-publish their book.

There is a great deal to look forward to this year! Keep following us on Facebook, Twitter, and via the College website for more information about the Graduate Publishing Programs.

Anne Converse Willkomm

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