The Start of Fall Classes…

by Laura Crockett
Scribbles & Wanderlust

Welcome to the program, new students, and welcome back, old students! In a little over a month classes will begin and I’m really looking forward to it!

I am entering my second year in the program, with 24 credits under my belt and a thesis looming over my shoulders. “Looming” probably isn’t the correct word to use, as it’s thrilling to research, read, and write on a topic I’m deeply passionate about, but it will certainly be a large undertaking. After my first year at Rosemont, the thesis will be a piece of cake.

When I first moved out of the Midwest and to Philadelphia to attend the graduate program here, I was nervous, excited, anxious, and eager about everything pertaining to the program and the area. Would I do well in my classes? Would I make any friends? Would I venture out of my apartment and explore? Within a month of classes beginning, I did all these things. The enthusiasm every student brought to the table helped shape the experience of the program.

In the year I’ve been a Rosemont graduate student, I’ve learned how to write and recognize good query letters and book proposals; I’ve learned about the digital and e-publishing industry; I’ve examined the Young Adult genre and its history in detail; I’ve learned to copy-edit properly, using a variety of industry symbols; and I’ve learned how to use the various CS6 programs for design. This coming year I have so much to look forward to as well: marketing in the YA and Children’s industry, developmental editing, acquisitions editing, branding, contracts, and legalities in publishing. It sounds overwhelming, but reflecting upon what I’ve learned in 12 months shows that I — and you, dear reader — am capable of learning something new and applying it to other classes in the program to help with my future career in the industry.

The other students in the program are doing remarkable things as well. Some of us are interning for local publishers in the area, including Lippincott, Running Press, and Quirk Books. Some have created their own webzines, others contribute to local magazines, and others blog for publishers. We’ve received Advance Reader’s Copies of books, mingled with publishers and editors at gatherings, and even hosted the very first Rosemont College Book Festival.

And to think — we were all in an orientation meeting listening to the seemingly impossible things we’d accomplish in a year. I promise you it’s entirely possible, friends. And I can’t wait to begin a new year with you.


Image via Flickr: crenae

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